The number of name generators on the internet is almost unmanageable. They range from simple, minimally equipped forms to complex automata that create sophisticated name ideas with intelligent algorithms. Depending on the complexity, the names created are of varying quality.

Of course, the demands are different: a generator for company names has to make more complex calculations than a small fun tool that spits out the next character name for a video game.


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Basically, we can distinguish three types of name generators: Generators that create random names, names depending on the settings or names from keywords.

Random Names


Names depending on input

These name generators do not allow the user to enter his or her own name. Instead, it creates any name without the user's intervention. Mostly, the results are fed from a name database behind it. When first and last names are created, they are combined randomly.

However, random name suggestions often consist of syllables that are combined with each other according to rules. Some name generators also have settings that can be used to specify the type of name.

The Pottyland name generators, for example, have setting options for the nationality of the respective name. This makes it possible to quickly create names that sound German, Japanese or Finnish, for example. So even without user input, the names can be designed according to one's own preferences.


Some name generators go one step further and allow the user to make their own entries. For example, many fun name generators ask for personal data such as initials, favourite colour or star sign and generate an individual name from this.

Many of these "find your true name" generators can be found on the internet, which compile specific names - for example, pirate names, unicorn names or robot names.

The NameRobot FUN generators provide a large selection of such name generators. They are not suitable for serious name searches, but are perfect for some fun name ideas.

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Create names from keywords

In the top class of name generators, the name suggestions created are based on previously made user entries. The names generated in this way are particularly individual and can also be used for serious projects and professional name finding.

Name generators of this type are often particularly complex underneath their simple appearance, as they have to process a variety of user inputs. They often offer numerous setting options and require a certain training period due to their complexity. On the other hand, the results are highly flexible and can also be used in business projects.

While name generators for random names and with simple user inputs can be considered "toys", these multi-layered generators are important tools for professional name finders.

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Complex name generators are used, for example, in agencies and companies where new names for products and brands have to be found regularly. But also one-off name finders, for example founders, can develop professional business names relatively quickly with keyword name generators.

The business name generators from NameRobot, for example, offer a variety of tools that can be used to find very different types of names for companies, brands and products.

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