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No longer do you have to think for yourself, but let an artificial intelligence get creative: Namefruits novel specialised AI creates individual and personalised business names for business ventures almost single-handedly.

Probably the easiest and most forward-looking way to a business name is through the use of modern technologies: Huge amounts of data, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence are topics that one does not necessarily associate primarily with creative processes such as naming. And yet: with Namefruits, a new method has been waiting in the wings since the beginning of 2018 for you to quickly, easily and uncomplicatedly come up with grandiose name ideas for business use.

The business naming AI goes one step further than conventional name generators and automates not only the name search, but also the idea research, elaboration of personal name preferences, keyword development, name creation, suitability testing of names for use in communication and marketing as well as an internal evaluation for usability according to numerous criteria.


Find out with one click whether your business name idea is suitable for professional use. Simply enter your desired business or brand name. NameScore checks it for quality, suitability and usability.

AI-based naming has many advantages

The advantages of artificial intelligence for naming are obvious:

  • Refined results based on complex algorithms
  • No long learning curve for complicated user interfaces
  • Creative ideas "at the push of a button
  • Short development time: hours instead of days or weeks
  • Names according to personal preferences instead of generic average names
  • More time for core business thanks to fast results
  • Automated process from A to Z

Namefruits combines intelligent naming methods with state-of-the-art Big Data concepts. The result is an artificial intelligence specialising in the creation, personalisation and verification of professional business names - almost single-handedly. More information on the future of naming can be found directly at Namefruits.

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Find the perfect name for your business

Create the cornerstone of your business: the perfect name. Unique, matching, and easy to remember.
Namefruits provides you with ideas and name checks with the help of artificial intelligence and over ten years of experience in creating names.

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