When a baby is on the way, simply everything changes! A new life is created, a new roommate is moving in soon, and the whole family structure has to be redefined. Exciting and a little scary at the same time!

Expectant parents have many important decisions to make. One of them: the name for the offspring! Hardly any naming is as emotionally charged as choosing the right baby name.

The name for the baby should sound good, evoke positive associations, fit into the family, carry a meaningful meaning and be timeless - after all, the offspring will carry it for the rest of its life.

Name generators can help with this important task. Of course, no one chooses the first name that an online tool spits out for their baby. But when searching for suitable first names, extensive databases can provide plenty of inspiration.


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Narrow down ideas for baby names

Many parents have a list of criteria that their baby name must fulfil. These include, for example:

  • Positive meaning, intended to give the baby a good blessing along the way.
  • cultural affiliation, e.g. Roman, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese or English names
  • religious names, e.g. of figures from the Bible or the Koran
  • traditional, old-fashioned names or modern, fashionable names
  • relation to the names of parents or siblings in sound or meaning
  • Names with certain phonetic characteristics, e.g. ending in -a or -ke for girls, or -o or -el for boys.
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Baby name databases

There are numerous databases for baby names on the internet.

  • NameRobot first name database: Here you can search for baby names by meaning - in German and English.
  • First name wiki: Large database with first names from different countries
  • Baby Name Generator: Suggestions for baby names by gender, language and popularity.
  • Baby name generator: Suggestions for baby names by meaning, length, gender and language
  • MyToys: Suggestions for baby names by gender, first letter and language area
  • Babyclub: Suggestions for baby names by gender, origin and matching surname
  • Find baby names: Suggestions for baby names by gender and matching surname
  • Babyzauber: Suggestions for baby names by gender, length and matching surname

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By the way: When looking for a name for the baby, exchanging ideas with like-minded people can be helpful. Many pregnancy and parenting portals have web forums where discussions on this topic can be started.

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